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Vivid – 28th October to 28th November 2010


Vivid brings together six contemporary painters who explore and celebrate colour as a motivation for a renewed aesthetic reminding us of its central role in creating works of art that can remain independent of rhetoric and the illusory demands of representation.
Each artist reveals in their own work their particular interests from minimal, geometric, gestural, urban or digital an obsessive relationship with colour and to the process of creativity effortlessly revealing the advantages of freedom of interpretation and inspiration.
These works offer a refreshing critique of the transitory nature of information and interpretation where a chance encounter with paint or an accidental mark can lead to the unravelling of a new source of ideas each opening a new beginning, imagination without resolution image without text.
To revel in the use of colour and to return to the desire and passion of painting this exhibition asserts not only the importance of painting in art but also the critical awareness of new urban abstraction and the role of the Artist in moving and shaping our society.

Photis Charalambou studied Fine Art at Middlesex University and has a Space studio in Hackney Wick. He has shown at Quicksilver Place Gallery (Performance: Making Space Visible/Invisible, 1999); Quicksilver Place Gallery (Drawing with Light: group exhibition of installation work stimulated by light & shadow, 2000); Euroart Studios (Open studio show, Oct 2004); Space Studios (Open Studio show, Sept 2009); The Changing Room Gallery (Solo show, June 2010).

Photis says:

“Through the use of paint I give shape to intuitive and rational energies that inform my experiences in the world; allowing time to immerse myself in the process of painting touches on many levels of the human psyche. My use of colour is inspired by my interest in exploring the properties of light; where colour comes from. As a physical entity light retains a memory through the textures, marks and layers that I construct”.

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