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The abstracted use in shaping and layering of colour in my paintings is inspired by my fascination with nature and through the exploration of the properties of light. I give harmony to intuitive and rational energies informing my experiences in the world creating moments of contemplation in the mysterious revealed in both complexity and refinement.


During my Fine Art Degree I made fragile transparent installations that transformed spaces both kinetically and poetically by altering light & colour. I have continued to make small models to explore these possibilities. Qualities of composition and three/four dimensional spacial awareness were informed from my earlier work with photographic colour slide transparencies.

Over the years I have developed the idea of investing these qualities onto the flat plane of the oil painting canvas.    


The paint holds this kinetic potential so as to become a vehicle that absorbs and imbues its surface with the vibrancy of light as colour. As a physical entity light retains a memory of itself through the textures and layers in the gestural application of the oil paint onto canvas; the visceral and organic energies in the laying on of colour and mark making. Through the process of painting I give shape to these intuitive/organic and rational energies in both the complexity and refining of the balancing of colour in space.

In the use of abstraction I consciously leave out any symbolic or literal narrative elements in order to present a purely immediate visual engagement in the paintings.

Giving time to immerse and assimilate oneself through their senses in a work of art touches on many levels of the human psyche. The material world is created through the light making it visible, which involves different degrees of seeing not just looking; this can be intimately connected to the dialogue of absence and presence in exploring the material and immaterial essence of being. I find it possible to express the possibilities of the mysterious through an abstracted spacial narrative in entering into another dimension that the canvas offers.

 For me being an artist is a way of life that gives substance to my thoughts, feelings and my experiences in the world through the enjoyment of using colour.

This process of a creative way of life becomes my living history and my future; the essential human process of the activity of creating and the vitality of hope.

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